We can create mouth-watering digital ads for your Restaurant!


  • Display weekly specials and upcoming events and promotions.
  • Sell more specialty drinks, new menu items and limited-time offerings!
  • Feature daily promotions and happy hour specials.
  • Sell more food! HD food images will make your food look delectable.
  • Keep your customers entertained.
  • Customer Birthday Announcement.
  • Share your customer testimonials or employee quotes on your screens.
  • Display nutritional facts, meet our staff, memes, etc.
  • Display photos from previous private events.

Samples of Static Digital ads for other clients

Samples of Video Digital ads for other clients

One-time Setup: $299 + shipping


  • Media Player (device)

  • Media Player (setup)

  • Programming

Monthly service fee: $100


  • Streaming Service

  • Ad Management

  • Ad Scheduling

  • Your content

Ad Design / Video Services: A La carte