About Us

MOONO STUDIOS (formerly IVN Studios) has worked on dozens of projects across multiple industries and in multiple mediums, taking on a role as creative partner rather than just a vendor. We thrive on taking new or existing ideas and creating or refreshing them in order to take your business to the next level. With over 18 years of experience in the advertising industry and a diverse portfolio of clients and advertising projects ranging from Rock n’ Roll royalty Vince Neil, Santana, Heart, Slash, Joe Walsh, David Lee Roth, Billy Idol to name a few, to a vast number of projects for small and large businesses that include graphic design, branding, video production, motion graphics, web design, photography and music production, delivering branded campaign collateral for use on any digital and print mediums as well as all social media platforms.

Ivan Garces

CEO / Creative Director

Ivan, Owner and Creative Director of MOONO STUDIOS (formerly IVN Studios) is known for his innovative and creative approach to design and art direction, Ivan has developed a reputation for delivering creative solutions for his clients, being hands-on and wearing the hats of creative director, designer and project manager on every project, but he also has a team of creative designers and videographers that he brings in on projects.

Meet the Team

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